Below is the list of questions candidates were asked during the CBA interview process:

  1. Pension Fund:  What is the current viability of the City’s pension fund and is pension governance reform necessary for the next administration?
  2. Past Votes & Differentiation
    1. Current Serving Candidates: What vote(s) have you taken in the last four years that you are most proud of and what vote(s) would you reconsider?
    2. New Candidates: If elected, how would you improve on or be different from the current officeholder?
  3. MARTA:  Given the billions of additional transportation dollars that are being generated by MARTA and other projects, what types of oversight do you feel is most necessary to ensure transparent and efficient use of the dollars?
    1. As a follow-up, do you support the creation of a Department of Transportation within the City of Atlanta?
  4. Homeless Opportunity Bond:  What initiatives will you fund through the Homeless Opportunity Bond?   With the help of these, and other funding sources, will you commit to the construction of supportive and transitional housing to be built in each of the City’s twelve Council districts?
  5. Atlanta Police Department:  What would you do to ensure Atlanta Police Department is able to recruit top talent and curb attrition in the Department?
  6. Atlanta Public Schools:  How do you view the relationship between the City of Atlanta and Atlanta Public Schools, and what do you see as your role in that relationship if you are elected?
  7. Casinos:  Would casinos make Atlanta a better place to live and work?
  8. HJAIA:  How would you ensure that Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (HJAIA) remains a world-class transportation hub?
  9. Job Description:  If you were writing a job description for the office you are seeking, what would be the most critical qualifications you would include?
  10. Next Administration’s Top Priorities:  What should be the next administration’s top three priorities for the state legislative agenda and why?