The Committee for a Better Atlanta (CBA) is a nonpartisan business coalition whose mission is to foster a healthy business environment by advocating a common business and civic agenda to policymakers as well as citizens.  CBA was started in 1996 by Sam Williams, former Metro Atlanta Chamber CEO, and Sam Massell, president of Buckhead Coalition, to ensure that City Hall was hearing from the voice of business, and they wanted to make a difference.  The original purpose was to serve as a positive influence for candidate selection by the Atlanta voter in the 1997 elections.

CBA is comprised of representatives from businesses and civic organizations that are concerned about the future of Atlanta.  The CBA seeks to articulate a common agenda in an effort to assist the policymakers for the City of Atlanta.

CBA members screen candidates running for mayor, city council president, and city council with a focus on issues including economic development, infrastructure, public safety, transportation, and many others.  Addressing the business and civic issues will help Atlanta maintain business and create a sustainable community.

In addition, CBA provides voters with tools to assist in making informed choices by providing information on political candidates, including general qualifications and an assessment of each candidate’s understanding of and commitment to key issues facing the community at large.